Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

This could become habit

Okay, so it probably wasn't so great to have a list of five errands on a day with a 95 deg. high temperature. Especially when one of those errands involved a computer that wasn't ready to be picked up, and one turned into a three-store quest.

But huzzah! I found a replacement CD Card in stock at the third Wal-Mart, to exchange for the one I broke by packing it with large heavy things in a tight space. Wal-Mart was very nice about making the exchange. Mind you, I had the receipt.

Excedrin has banished the heat-induced heatache.

I've put the last load of laundry into the washer. (Still have to fold it all, but "all" is a smallish quantity compared to usual weeks.)

And I just sat down to update the checkbook and pay bills. Gee, it was easy. Flar happened through the kitchen at just the right time to comment about accounts receivable (healthy) and June billings (generous). We went through the bills due and automatically paid while he'll be in Brazil, and discovered no need for me to make a deposit while he's gone. Whee!

It feels nice to be ahead instead of behind, if only for this week.

And now to complete the bills paying process, fold that laundry, clear up the huge pile that my purse and car-leavings (you know, the stuff that accumulates during an extended errand day, and gets all brought in at once) on the kitchen table, and see about remembering to do all those things I noted in my Visor.

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