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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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It's all over but the printing
Bills Bills Bills
I keep forgetting to buy ink, so I need to figure out the most palatable way to email the report to Flar. I haven't updated quicken to the OS X version, or I'd just save to PDF from the print screen. Anyway, it's a great excuse for not printing checks tonight. ;)

I closed mycheckfree.com after saving the transactions report to a PDF for Flar, then quit out of Safari. D'oh moment.

I have no doubt lost some of the older posts of my more prolific LJ friends. But now the new tabset goes to skip=625. And I don't anticipate time to sit and read until Thursday. Le sigh.

And now, for bet. Not horribly late.

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I've been having lots of those lately! Wanted to at least send you huggles; if not a comforting and makes-you-feel-good post (besides, I always sucked at that)
And now, for something completely different - here's a picture of my big ass!



I can totally relate to getting behind on LJ.

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