Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug


Yeah, yeah, taking a break from working, whatever.

Thinking about what "not talking" means to me, versus the world-at-large. Flar and I get along great when we're not talking. We talk, just not about anything important. And when I can just get along and ignore it, I'm great, too.

Example, just now. I got the checkbook and receipts entered, then sorted mail. I've now got a pile of bills to post, then I clean up the register to print for Flar to review. In the process of posting bills, some get scheduled to be paid, some are merely scheduled to be printed. His review will correct deposits, give me estimated deposits, and tell me how to monkey with the print schedule to avoid any negative balances due to cash flow.

I'm tired. My original goal for bedtime was 11:30, but if I get to bed by 12:30, I'll still be good to go for tomorrow. So I was thinking of wrapping up and going to bed, with enough sleep to finish this up tomorrow after school. I took Flar's pile into the bedroom to verbally go over the contents, then stuck it in his mail-in pile. When I told him I was thinking of finishing tomorrow and getting to sleep, he sounded okay with that, but I was clever. I actually asked him if he was going to be okay with not getting the report until tomorrow evening.

Um, no. He set aside the morning to work on it.

So, I'm staying up, will probably only need 45 minutes to finish up, so my late goal isn't trashed, and we actually communicated. No rancor. Just no love.

OOh, my posts shall have a tinge of bitterness for a few days. Gotta work on my argument corks, they seem to emit fumes.
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