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Slow progress

21 Hours of work (baking, decorating, cleaning) with 11 hours of sleep in the course of 48 hours made for a weirdly frazzled'kin by the end of the weekend.

Add an emotionally tense argument Sunday evening, bottled and stuffed and apparently put down to age, 6 hours of sleep Sunday night in my garret to awaken early enough to drive Mom to the airport, some soothing toddler time with blocks, retail therapy with a similarly frazzled girlfriend, last round of presentation polishing, hurried invitation generation (graphics therapy was underwhelming), over 7 hours of "real" work (the kind that doesn't have any nifty breaks to supervise the computer), only 4 hours of sleep (this time on the couch) before waking in time to drive Tigger to school, 1 hour nap in the car before his presentation, and another 3 hours of nap at home before getting to chess club on time.


Flar and I are officially (in the only place that really matters, my own little mind) not talking. Well, not talking about feelings or anything that matters, because I can't do that without bringing up the above-mentioned argument and it's too totally green to uncork. So we're back to roommates, and any night I don't think I can handle sleeping without crying I'm resorting to my garret or a half a xanax. Said amount appears to take the edge off -- since I only take it before sleep, I've no idea what drowsy effect it really imparts, but I don't wake up hungover, and that's saying a lot on only 6 hours.

I forgot to refill my Lexapro last weekend, and I'm not sure when I ran out, but I think I was short last night. Picking that up tomorrow and not overly concerned about drastic effects from missing 2 doses of a drug that took 8 weeks to build up any effect in the first place.

On the side of progress... as that was the point of the post. I've cleaned out my car -- it was getting to me. I've cleaned up my side of the bedroom, and the bathroom. The dirty laundry is almost all in the sorting baskets -- sweaters and fleece are overflowing; and I've a load in the washer now. Critter took it on himself to work in the kitchen this afternoon, and it's clean enough to stop calling to me and let me work on finances the rest of the night.

If I get to bed by 11:30, that'll give me 8 hours of sleep. Otherwise I have to find naptime sometime tomorrow. Around BSF, allergy shot, pharmacy, grocery and Sam's club runs. Then homework with Tigger and work.

On the bright side, I've nothing early on Thursday, so I can work late again tomorrow night and sleep in on Thursday.

Maybe Thursday I'll have time to get caught up on reading LJ. And putting out the invitation on lists and putting up the web page and stuff.

Meantime, happy space is expanding and I've got pinchy nipples.

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