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Working backwards...

Today I woke up with Flar and stayed in bed. I'm getting used to the luxury of an alarm with multiple forms of wakeup. The radio comes on when it's time for Flar to get out of bed to drive Tigger, and I have the CD set to come on at 9am, a reasonable wake-up time for mornings that I get to sleep-in.

Knight wanted to drive me around today, so he took me to my appointment and then helped me find one of the places on the list I made when I was looking for cake toppers. She gave me advice about where else to look, and an idea of how long it would take to order one through her if he didn't like the in-stock choices. Knight stayed around while I ate breakfast/lunch, and after he left I sat down to look up Scarlett's number. She wasn't home when I called about having lunch together tomorrow. Then I found I was under the influence of a grand ennui. Instead of getting up and doing anything about the laundry or mail, or running reports from Quicken on last year's finances for Flar, I sat down and read the 250 entries that I'd saved in a tabset Tuesday night.

On the way home from picking up Tigger, I've picked up essentials: water, sodas, milk and bread. We still have eggs and cheese. I also picked up some smoked sausage and chuck steak. If I don't have the energy to cook, we have lo-carb choices in the house now.

Tigger has made a list and already started tackling it. I've sorted laundry and started a load, and sat down to update LJ before tackling the mail. At least I'm still in the kitchen for supervising Tigger with homework, even if my attention is somewhat compromised.

Yesterday felt like a more productive day to me. Flar was coming home at 10:22, and I'd gone into "daddy's coming home" mode of house cleaning. By the time I left for work, the bed had new sheets on it, the bedroom was straightened, the family room was straightened, jacuzzi room was clear of all the home-from-vacation mess, laundry (except that tucked into the basket in our bathroom) was sorted into baskets for cleaning, the dishes were done, the counters were scrubbed, the kitchen floor was clean and dry, the bathroom floor was Roomba'd and the fixtures were wiped down. I had the kitchen table organized and ready to sort mail, and I even got Critter to Febreze the mildew-smell out of my car. Flar noticed the bed. That he didn't notice anything else at least means there was nothing *wrong* with the rest. ;)

Around the cleaning, I also dropped Tigger at school, attended BSF and a fellowship luncheon, picked up Tigger, helped him with his homework, brought bowling stuff over to LaDonna and got to sit and visit with her and Demariana for a bit on the way to work.

Flar's plane ended up being delayed enough that he missed his connection, and his new flight put him home after midnight.

Tuesday was the last day of bowling before the fall. The Sleepyheads managed to snag last place in the league, even though Knight earned Most Improved and High Handicap something. The banquet decorations turned out great - plenty of compliments for very little effort. A little color goes a long way. Everybody oohed and aahed over the doorprizes, and I bowled a 239 and 177 in no-tap bowling.

Bonus cool was having Alaska at the banquet with me. :)

After bowling, there was time for us to go out for lunch before driving her home. I'd dressed for Monday's weather, so she gave me a shirt to wear back to Chess Club. We took enough time with lunch that I didn't have time to stop by and drop off a book for Camel, so I left it with Alaska to drop off for me when she's in town.

Chess Club was unmemorable; I had time to finish my bible study and then read before it was time to leave. Unfortunately, Tigger's homework load was home-dependent, so he didn't have enough of it done at chess club for him to be able to finish it in time for Critter and I to leave for fencing. After we got him packed off to bed, I surfed a bit and went to bed early.

Monday morning, I got to crawl back into bed with my Sweetness when I got home from dropping off Tigger and making a couple of bank deposits. We slept until just in time to leave for picking him up. After school, we had an extended home work session, then it was time to leave for work. On the way to work, we stopped at Kroger for a six-pack of DDP and some other miscellanea. We've solved the mystery of the DDP: T drank four or six bottles of it overnight with Tigger. sigh.

I am now watching Star Gate at work. Zee hasn't been there this week, probably because she worked alone last week, and the volume seems a little lower this week, anyway.

The expected has happened. My sweetness was here all weekend; I didn't have time to sit down right away and write about it, so the details are starting to blur. We picked her up on our way home from Branson, and she came with me to take Flar to the airport on Saturday morning. He was in Orlando from Saturday through last night for a liquor importer's convention. On the way home from the airport, we picked up drinks and frozen pizza, so I wouldn't have to pay attention to cooking. While she was here, we changed the sheets on the bed, vacuumed the bedroom, picked up the bathroom, brushed the dogs and clipped their nails, cooked a spicy beef stew and creamy chicken crepes (gotta work on making the batter thinner), got lots and lots of cuddle time, played around in my garret and ended up making sure the sheets needed changing again. We got two bubble-baths and even one photo session. Knight and Ro took us to see Sin City, and we yet again didn't get around to watching Under the Tuscan Sun. I absolutely love making Sweetness happy enough to giggle. We had lots of just-talk time, cuddle time, tears and laughter. And we figured out the next time to see each other. A good visit.

The drive from Branson went without incident.

Daddy drove from Branson to STL, with Mom kibbitzing from the back seat the whole way. There was heavy fog, and my reaction was to try to sleep and ignore it all. We had breakfast at a Cracker Barrel. They have lo-carb choices now, yum!

We got them to the airport in time for their flight, and then drove off in search of the Amtrak station, not to be confused with Union Station. When we made the arrangements for our summer train journey, Critter forgot to click on "mail tickets" for one of the legs, and we don't really have an Amtrak station nearby. Since we were driving through a town with a station, we stopped on our way.

Finding our way back to the freeway was non-trivial, and at one point we were enmeshed in Cardinal pedestrian traffic. Thus, we drove to STL with the Cardinal basketball fans, and then ended our vacation encountering the Cardinal baseball fans. The stretch of I-64 that goes through Illinois and Indiana is at some point referred to as the Blue Star Memorial highway. I need to dig up that movie so the boys will understand why I felt the imperative to hum two notes.

Now to get at that mail pile...

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