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My Sweet Alaska

...was here all weekend, thus my absence from LJ. ;)

Sweetness drove here, on a weekend when we'd planned for me to drive there. She got here a day early, providing me with a very sweet surprise Friday morning. To recap...

I got up early enough this morning to make French Toast for Tigger and Critter before leaving to take Tigger to school. I got to have long chats with Mom and Knight in the car, and stopped at Lowe's on the way home for a few things. Then I crawled back into bed with Sweetness, and resolutely ignored the alarm when it went off. On the upside, I've reloaded my sleep tank for the week. ;) She got up before I did, to shower and dress and retape her back window before waking me. Then I fixed us garbage omelets and we cuddled more before it was time for her to leave.

Yesterday was Easter. And a very special Easter it was. My sweetness came to church with Critter and I, even though the message has been hitting her uncomfortably lately. At the end of the service, Preacher had us join him in a prayer of repentance and acceptance, and then we had the opportunity to write our names on these slips of paper, to nail up on crosses they had set up at front. We were to write paid in full, and the first time we had prayed this prayer. My date is simply 1967, cause I know how old I was, but the date is lost to me. But Critter's date was 27 March 2005, and I got all teared up and thankful and etc. So, wow, a very special Easter.

Meanwhile, at home, Tigger was finishing up Easter dinner, by making deviled eggs and jello salad. We still need to work on his jello tecnique -- he didn't stir the jello into the boiling water thoroughly enough before adding the cold -- but his deviled eggs were perfect. Bébé and Scarlet arrived promptly at 1pm, minutes before we got home. The stew had cooked for a total of 16 hours, and all good intentions aside, I ended up adding potato flakes to thicken it. We served the partially jelled salad with bananas and kiwis and whipped cream, then had steamed broccoli, and then the stew. Bébé and Scarlet loved the sample wedding cake, and he seemed really pleased to have a cake for his birthday, no matter how much he'd previously protesting celebrating the day.

After we ate, the boys went upstairs to play air hockey while Bébé and Scarlet hid Easter eggs in the kitchen, family room and guest bathroom. The hunt was uncomfortably uneven, given Critter's current advantage of height, but Tigger settled down about it after he worked on re-distributing the loot and putting away the eggs. They each have a candy stash in a mouse-proof, room-approved container now.

By the time we had finished up all the festivities, and Bébé and Scarlet and Sweetness all had a micro nap, it was 4pm. An hour later than Bébé and Scarlet had originally planned on staying. I sent them home with the rest of the cake, and plans to share the remainder of the 10" layer with Scarlet's son and the other residents where he lives. Scarlet absolutely loved the design, and we finalized what I'll be doing for the final cake. She and I will be going to lunch together one day the week after spring break, to shop for the cake topper. I've got cupcakes of the four flavors of cake mix that I'll bring by the house this afternoon, for them to settle on a flavor for the cake.

After they left, I cuddled on the couch with Sweetness and ended up falling asleep myself. She got up and did bunches of cleaning in the kitchen before waking me in time to fix dinner. The dinner that I'd planned to fix Saturday night was fantastic. Onions, garlic, chicken, mushrooms and sour cream made the sauce. Pancake mix with onion salt and garlic powder made the crepes. We generated no leftovers. ;)

We decorated the make-your-own Peeps. Tigger enjoyed it, but he didn't like the taste combination of decorating gel (tastes like syrup) and Peep. All of us had very different patterns. Sweetness forgot to take hers with her. I may bring them all to work to leave in the break room.

I decided to call Flar while the boys were still awake, and managed to interrupt the last four minutes of double overtime in the UK game. Flar asked me to find some information for him, then call him after the game was over. I declared a special dispensation for Tigger from his grounding, so he could watch the end of the UK game. I got the AT&T access number for Flar from Knight, then called him back after the game. He got to talk to Tigger before bedtime, but Critter headed to bed without talking to his dad.

After my phone call with Flar, I had a movie date with my Sweetness. We curled up on the couch with strawberries and whipped cream and Godiva and a glass of wine apiece, and watched How Stella Got Her Groove Back. Then we drew a nice hot bubble bath and soaked and talked until bedtime. We went to sleep to the sound of rain, and rolling thunder that was a comfortable distance away.

Saturday was cake decorating and housecleaning day. Critter spent the day with a friend. At home, we had French Toast for breakfast, and got started on decorating the cakes. I decided on two designs for Scarlet to have a choice, and made up three batches of icing. In the middle of decorating, Hippychicx made us grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for lunch. It was just the thing for energy. :) I made roses and daisies and garlands and drop strings and fleur-de-lis and trellis-work and vines and rosebuds and leaves and shells and shells and shells. Timothy mixed up shortbread dough and made stain-glass cookies to top the cake. By the time we were done, we had one formal style with roses, and one garden style with daisies and rosebuds. Hidden in the center of the lower cake was a Happy Birthday message for Bébé. I used up all the white icing, and packed away some supplies of pink, yellow and green.

After making the cake, I washed all the handwash dishes. By the time I was done with that, my feet were ready for a sit-down, so I sat to cut up all the veggies etc. for the Crockpot Stew, as well as veggies for a creamy chicken sauce. The latter was to be dinner for Saturday, but I realized it was getting rather late, and sweet-talked Critter into making some frozen pizzas. We got the kitchen to a reasonably clean condition and the crockpot stew all put together by 10pm, and then Hippychicx and I drew a nice hot bubble bath and rubbed each other's feet with peppermint scrub. mmmmm scrumptious.

Friday morning, my Sweetness crawled into bed beside me very early in the morning. I got up too late to make breakfast for Critter, but early enough to run errands for Flar, who was leaving town in the afternoon.

My day was spent on errands for Flar, taking him to the airport and Tigger to fencing class, picking up groceries and making and frosting four layers of cake for the practice wedding cake for Bébé and Scarlet. With much stopping and snuzzling with my Sweetness.

I made four different types of cake mix. I made two layers of 6" and two of 10", and used the extra batter for cupcakes. Then I made enough soft frosting to seal two cakes and frost all the cupcakes.

That and grocery shopping while Tigger was in fencing class were enough for a very full day for me. It was nice to be able to take breaks snuzzling with Hippychicx.

Flar took my leather hoodie with him to Brazil for Erosul to (1) fix the zipper and (2) copy it, using a patchwork leather and lining it with rainbow tie-dye polar fleece that I sent along. It will end up being my warmer jacket, I expect. I'm also getting new elf boots, as mine have finally, after three years of constant wear, gotten a small hole in one side.

This week, I shall be concentrating on Spring Break Prep:
  • Getting the laundry done
  • Leaving the house clean
  • Packing
  • Planning the route for driving
  • Finishing the knitting that Mom commissioned
  • Finalizing Dog Care arrangements

I called the bowling Secretary about the banquet. She's going to be sending out postcards next week, so I'll email her when I have a decorating theme for the party.

I've got bowling and fencing tomorrow, bible study on Wednesday, and my first appointment on Thursday. Critter is out of school on Friday, and Tigger has fencing Friday afternoon. I'm working Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Looks to be a full week.

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