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One of those "mom" kind of days

I slept in a bit this morning, only to be awakened by the principal. It seems that Tigger wore dirty clothes to school this morning, and could I please bring him fresh clothes? Yeah, it's not as picky as it sounds, he's been really shirking on everything lately. Especially homework.

I called LaDonna, who Jeshua to drive her to the bowling alley, and drove into school with clothes, and stayed for a conference with his teacher. Our scheduled conference is Thursday at 4pm.

Oh, and I emailed the other chess parents that I wouldn't be there today, so that I could take Tigger home directly from school today.

He's grounded until Spring Break (I can't really ground my parents). No CRT/LCD usage of any kind (ie, no game systems, no computer, no TV), except supervised school use of the kitchen computer. Homework under supervision in the kitchen directly after school, and then whatever chores. His only approved entertainment is reading. He's also not allowed to have soda while he's grounded. I'm buying 2% milk with the groceries, because he prefers it to skim.

Then, after spring break, he'll keep doing homework the same way, but be allowed CRT privileges each evening after getting his work done.

I'm about to take over driving responsibilities again, while Flar is in Brazil, so I'm going to be waking up Tigger in the mornings and making sure he's dressed properly and eats breakfast.

While Tigger was doing his homework today, including finding out what kind of animals may be hunted in Alaska, and printing out a summary of the ANWR history since 1960, I scrubbed down the counters, washed all the dishes, and fixed "chicken tetrazini." My version is oil, garlic, green onions, chicken, water, noodles, cream of mushroom soup and parmesan. It's an I-haven't-been-grocery-shopping-for-weeks recipe.

Tigger beat the clock for cleaning his desk when his homework was done, so he gets to choose dessert.

Fencing tonight.

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