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My weekend, and early Monday

Today I was slackerly, and was rewarded by online time coincident with my Sweetness, and audio-chat time with Cougarpants. We got to talk, and I spared my freshly coated nails. yay for microphones!

In my slackerlyness, I slept in until 11am. Since I was finally spilled out of bed by his arrival, I then had a very rational conversation with the completely unexpected exterminator. We discussed calling when the schedule changes, and ended up settling on a reminder call each quarter before the treatment day.

By then, Knight was here to hang out before Rotary, and he helped me change the sheets. He scored competency points with me by being about to tuck in the excess king-case bits over one of the queen pillows. Well, I mean the particular way that I like it, that is. ;)

Other than that, I've straightened the master bedroom, bathroom and jacuzzi room. That last took a mite longer than normal, having been set Free! by a certain very short house-guest on Thursday. ;) I rationalized waiting on the kitchen, as both sinks are full of boy jobs. That gave me time to breakfast, shower, blow my hair dry and chat with Sweetness and Cougarpants. Yay for selfish time.

In news obscured to confuse the surprise-ee, I found out that something I was counting on isn't supported. But said something motivated me to finish up a fun-for-me project, and what I've left to do by hand isn't daunting. What is mildly disappointing is some idiot's idea of what constitutes a holiday. Eh.

Sunday was volume three of the Knightly birthday trilogy. Critter and I got up in reasonable time to make it to the wonderful new 11:30 am service time. The message was given by not-the-preacher, but we actually got there in time for the worship singing. mmm worship. Funny, but I saw Coach, who I used to have this grand crush on, and we haven't seen each other at church from me missing or catching different service times lately, so there was nice hugginess, but it didn't even seem crush relevant. Kinda cool. This was the first service in which I actually came with a check for the offering. I've decided to start tithing from my paycheck (net, for those who pay attention), and I've come up with a way that feeds the geek in me. I deposit the amount I intend to tithe, then feel free to write whatever smallish contributions I come across, then at the end of the pay period, the remainder goes to church. Totally not the standard church commitment thingie, but it feels all googly good inside me, and that whole cheerful giving is done in spades. Anyway, the first check was a whopping 11.14, notable only for the precision of the cents. ;)

After church, Critter and I picked up kibble and gooshy food and the car chairs that we'd left at Bébé's. Then I fixed double-patty cheeseburgers for lunch (and chicken nuggets for Tigger). We left the house in time for a couple of errands at Lexington Green before heading to the movie theatre to meet Ro and Knight et alia for his official movie birthday party.

The first errand was to CompUSA. Critter's got a bum harddrive, which will likely be replaced, but they'll salvage it if they can. Flar picked up a copy of Vonage. He's been talking about using VOIP for a while now, but recently a client asked him to look into it.

The second errand was to Joseph-Beth. My mom gave us $20 for Easter, and Flar'd never gotten around to using the $15 rebate debit card from Starz. The challenge was to buy books we'd both read. We got The Diamond Age, by Neil Stephenson, Time's Eye, by Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter, Life of Pi, by Yann Martel and Seizure, by Robin Cook. Since I'm still near the beginning of Jack the Bodiless (it picked up, so I've not given up on reading it sans preceding series), and he's flying to Brazil on Friday, he got his pick. He chose to leave me The Diamond Age and read that when he gets back.

Knight chose Hostage as his birthday movie. It was a fine example of Bruce Willis action flick. Then we drove over to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner (Cinder, their yeast rolls are falling down in consistency of quality!), and then to Knight and Ro's for birthday cake. I found a new kind of birthday candle, in which the package of 10 candles are linked together by flash paper at the wicks. There's about an inch in between each candle. I wanted Knight to have the whole 39 candles to blow out, and they about filled up the cake. Lighting it was fun: one touch to the paper, and all the candles were flaming nicely. Whee!

While we sat around and talked and ate cake and looked at Ro's latest scrapbook, the younger set played Bow-ball in the hallway, refining the rules. By the way She_, there are 4 to 8 "chukkas" in a polo match, I looked it up. Each is only 7 minutes long, though. Flar got busy tweaking his Rotary presentation today, which gave Knight and Critter and I time to watch a couple of episodes of Hogan's Heroes. I was going to stay until Knight went to work, but I found myself sleepy, and rode home with Flar and the boys.
Saturday, I was really only planning to make a cake and watch a movie with Knight and Ro. Instead, I was awakened by a frisky Flar around 10, who had plans to add to the day. Rather than letting ourselves be side-tracked by Tigger, we shooed him away to make us breakfast in bed, thus giving us enough time for a quickie. After a quick breakfast, we got out the house quickly, in order to make it the bank in time to cash my paycheck and deposit one of Tigger's birthday checks (and our matching contribution). Then we headed over to Bébé's house for acute traumatization by offspring. Bébé's wedding is rapidly approaching, and he's decided to sell his house. Flar and Brody are convinced that this makes certain (differing) activities immediately imperative, and descended upon him in force. Brody was emptying out and organizing cabinets. Flar wanted to classify all the furnishings in the house: keep, give to Flar or Brody, auction, sell or give to Good Will. Instead, Flar met with a contractor working for Bébé (thus his presence at the house), and involved in investments with Flar. Then he and Brody and Bébé had this completely pointless, but somewhat disturbing discussion about What Bébé Should Be Doing ™.

The upshot of the particular day, was that we helped to empty a little out of the house: the air hockey table for the boys, a bunch of baking pans and cookie tins for me, and ooh, ooh, I volunteered to be Bébé's off-site backup for the copy of Quicken 2005 he's bought and not installed yet. He's waiting until after the wedding at this point, to do dramatic things to his computer. Sensible man.

Once we got home, I made the cake and frosting, then cleaned up the mess that made. Orange Sunshine cake involves grating orange peel. The whole kitchen smelled of oranges and I only skinned one knuckle on the grater. While I was cooking, the boys got the play room completely cleaned up, and managed to rearrange things to make room for the air hockey table.

Then I scooted over to Knight and Ro's to join them for Ice Princess. It was a very fun movie. I love watching figure skating, and it's always fun in a movie where you get the high points.

After the movie, I had to get back home so that I could finish the cake. I made the filling, then assembled the cake and stuck it in the cooler to preserve the very soft icing. Then it was nighty-nite'kin.

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