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Happy Birthday Knight!

...Cause, it's not tomorrow until we sleep. :)

Tigger was home from school today. We'll find out tomorrow if it's his allergies catching up with him, or an infection: his glands were normal sized, no fever, but his throat hurt this morning, and what he described was sinus congestion. He hasn't been taking allergy meds all winter (and I've been lazy about getting my shots every week, for that matter), but I guess things are starting to grow. This morning, Flar couldn't find reasonable meds, so Tigger drank half a cup of TheraFlu and went to bed with water and grape juice. This afternoon, I bought Claritin and Ibuprofin for him.

Meanwhile, Thunder and baby were already out of the house, taking Raven to work, so there was no possibility of heading them off before they got here. But, Tigger stayed in his room almost all day, so it's doubtful that he shared anything with us today. I got up with they arrived, but promptly napped in my chair in the family room. Eventually, I got up enough steam to fix some garbage omelets (and cheese eggs for the baby) for our brunch. Then I sat down to sort and process a week of mail and receipts while Thunder kept me company, and his daughter amused herself in the kitchen and jacuzzi room. Mostly, she arranged and re-arranged the magnet pictures on the fridge.

After I got done with various reporting in Quicken, I got on the phone to fiddle with details about Hippychicx' surprise, and then double-checked the Sam's list. Thunder and kin accompanied me to Sam's, and pushed around the cart while I shopped. We picked up the rotisserie chicken for dinner with Ro and Knight, among other things. On the way home, we stopped by work for my paycheck, and I got another Chipotle coupon in this one. yay!

When I got home, Tigger was feeling better, but preferred to stay home and rest over going out, which seemed sensible. I had time to shower and blow out my hair after Thunder left, then Critter and I went over to Ro and Knight's. Flar arrived separately about a half-hour later, from his business meeting. Before dinner, we got to hear Ro and Knight's wonderful news about being among a group of parent candidates being presented to a birth mother who is due in 10 weeks (or less).

Dinner was yummy. Knight's mother made dumplings and cornbread dressing; I brought the chicken, and Ro fixed Shellie Beans and Dreamsicle Cake. After Knight opened his presents, he wiped down the popcorn machine and popped some for us to eat while we watched one of his birthday presents: Hogan's Heroes (we only watched the first two episodes), and then the movie 50 First Dates. Flar was going to eat cake (served between shows) and then leave, but he stayed for all of the movie. I guess he enjoyed it as much as I did. :)

When I got home, the house was mostly shut down for the night, but the dogs were outside. So, I let them in for a bit of couch time (my fluffy blanket protecting my silk blouse), then got online to check email. When I checked who was online, Critter was still up, so I suggested he turn in. Then I decided to update my journal and turn in myself.

Tomorrow, I have a paycheck to cash, a birthday cake to bake and decorate, and a birthday boy to continue fêting. I think we're going out to the movies in the evening. And it's my turn in a game of phone tag on another subject.

Maybe I won't babble.

And I've an old journal about to expire that I'm going to dump to my harddrive and wipe, I think. Don't want to lose the entries, don't want to maintain the journal.

Already wiped a few dates, I think, when I restored my PDA the last time around, so I don't even know for sure when to be sad. But. I can feel it coming. Already made a pact to make Groundhog Day official with Knight, cause I'd really rather not keep remembering late March that way. Early March good, though. 3/3, cause it's not tomorrow until we sleep.

Easter. Forgiveness. Clean Slate. Resurrected in Glory.

Already seated on His right side, hold to that proximity.

The first phone call was the hardest. Should be guaranteed voice mail on a Saturday, right?

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