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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Just putting the second coat on now...
Last night, as we went to bed at the same time, for the second night in a row, Flar mentioned that there were some days that he wished he didn't have to wake up to drive Tigger to school. So I offered. And then I had to talk him into it. Anyway, I got up this morning on time to drive Tigger. We left at 7:15, had very little traffic, and he got to school in time for socializing before class.

I didn't need the DDP I'd brought along, so I left it unopened, expecting to snuggle back into bed with Flar. My evil plan was thwarted by his protestant work ethic. The sneak was upstairs in his office when I got home.

So I ran laundry and read LJ. I still haven't breakfasted or had my morning DDP, but I've washed all the laundry for the week. The penultimate load just buzzed in the dryer. I'm going to go strip beds and wash some sheets, then start in on the mail/quicken.

After I have some breakfast.

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Heh. You haven't been living in Texas long enough. ;)

Diet Dr. Pepper.

ugh I hate dr. pepper in any form, that's why I don't know

But, hey, more for yall :)

I hate Dr. Pepper too - you're not the only one. :)

I guess I just don't like the "stronger" beverages, as I also can't stand things like root beer or cream soda. I like regular Diet Coke (and used to drink regular Pepsi before I became diabetic), orange soda (preferably Diet Sunkist), sprite/7-up, and sometimes ginger ale. I'm just finicky that way. :)

If it's soda then I like regular diet coke, mountain dew, orange soda, grape soda or sprite. I hate Dr. Pepper in all it's forms, non-diet carmel colored sodas, or 7-up. Ginger ale I can drink but only if it's been mixed with lime sherbert.

Otherwise, I drink sweet tea, lemonade, ice cold milk with ice or ice cold water.

I had the bestest lemonade today. The food director at Sayre makes it fresh, and there's lots of lemons floating around in it to keep it tart. mmmmmm :)

I grew up on Dr. Pepper, visiting my grandparents in Texas. I think I imprinted on it.

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