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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Fencing is being silly, with style
It is amazing to me how much a sword changes the look of everything.

We've been learning and practicing footwork, then putting it together with the foil. (I verified tonight - the epée is the one with the larger bell guard.) Tonight we learned to jump. When the teacher was demonstrating, he looked like some sort of human frog. But, put a sword in his hand, and it looked right.

We also learned to hit our opponents sword, which wasn't batting or bashing, but I'm pretty sure it started with "b." Wasn't block, either. Sigh.

I wasn't quite as tired tonight, and we were on our feet longer, considering that we didn't break for a fire alarm in the middle of class this time.

The shelf camisole was the right choice for support garment, since I could wear it alone under the fencing jacket, and I wasn't nearly as hot. I didn't have time to blow my hair dry after my shower today, but I suspect my bangs would have ended up the same amount of curly even if I had, so I won't bother on Tuesdays. ;)

It's a good workout. I'm enjoying.

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I loved my fencing class in college. The teacher didn't teach us any jumping though. It sounds like your having a lot of fun.

I took fencing in highschool, and I don't remember learning to jump, either. We spent lots of time on trying to be all sideways, and he isn't even bothering with that. I think he knows that will come naturally from learning all the other stuff.

I think that the term is "beat".

Thank you, yes, the term is "beat."


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