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The rest of the weekend, and Monday

After we got home from bowling Saturday, I was considering a nice bubbly soaky bath, but I had forgotten that Thunder had mentioned bringing his daughter over. So, we ended up eating pizza and playing Risk until after 1am.

Sunday morning I slept in, late and hard. When I finally got up, I didn't do much at all before Knight showed up to take to me to see Constantine with Ro and him. I love watching Keanu, but I could have done without some of the imagery in that film. Ew. After the movie, we watched Desperate Housewives and Extreme Home Makeover, and then Knight drove me home.

I got lots of sleep last night, and probably could have woken with the boys, but it was nice to get that long sleep-in, and then get woken up by Knight cuddling me.

Today, I got the bedroom, bathroom, jacuzzi room, kitchen and family straightened up, scrubbed down the kitchen counters, washed dishes, sorted and folded clean clothes from last week, and put away mine. For dinner tonight, I made creamy chicken soup using the cranberry scones as dumplings that completely fell apart to merely thicken the soup.

I'm working tonight, but I should have time to wipe down the kitchen table before I leave for work.

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