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Tigger's Birthday

Tigger had a nice birthday.

Friday morning, he saw that I had almost finished his new orange sweater. But, he wanted to upwrap it, rather than wait for it to be done and wear to school. He got to take a Double Doozy Oatmeal Raisin Birthday Cookie Cake to school to share with his classmates, and I joined him for lunch at the school cafeteria.

After I left school, I picked up a few last minute items for Tigger's birthday, including Critter's gift for him. Then I picked up Tigger and brought him home. He made cream puffs while I tidied up the kitchen some, then the kids were showing up. Flar fixed pizza for everyone, then drove Tigger and three of his friends to the theatre. Knight drove me and Critter and another of Tigger's friends (who had arrived late), and Ro and She_ and Star_ followed in another car.

We were getting to the theatre to ensure getting seats together, not realizing that attendance would be light on a UK game night. So, we had a mellow time sitting around waiting for the movie, while the boys played in the arcade. Robots was very entertaining, but I found myself dropping off a few times, since I hadn't actually gone to sleep the night before. We were joined by one more of Tigger's friends, who could only stay for the movie, and a friend of Critter's, who came home with us to spend the night with Critter.

After the movie, Tigger opened all his presents, and the boys played video games until Flar declared bedtime. By this time, it was down to Tigger and three friends. He settled them down with a movie while I was still making Tigger's birthday cake. Ro stayed to keep me company and help with color selection. I made the cake and the frosting, then decided to wait until the morning to decorate it. After Ro left, I should have gone straight to bed, but I got lured into checking LJ, and got caught up to my post on Thursday afternoon.

The boys let me sleep in the next morning, while Flar was out giving a presentation. So I got up with just enough time to decorate the cake before it was time to get the boys in the car to head over to the bowling alley. We fed them from the grill, then served the birthday cake, and they had lots of fun bowling. One of his friends could only come to the bowling part of the party, so we took him home with us to spend the next night with Tigger. This way, Tigger's birthday party became an entire weekend.

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