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Ambitious Agenda
My list of things to do for today, final draft. I didn't get everything done, but I still have a healthy feeling of accomplishment.
  • Shallow Clean
    • Bedroom
    • Bathroom
    • Jacuzzi Room
      • Clear Off Jacuzzi
      • Check Chemicals
      • Top off water in Jacuzzi>
      • Finish Laundry
    • Kitchen
      • Clear Sinks
      • Organize Table
    • Family Room
    • Guest Bath
  • Deep Clean
    • Kitchen
      • Scrub down counters
      • Wash Hand-wash Dishes
      • Clean Table
      • Open Mail and update Quicken
    • Bathroom Fixtures
    • Family Room
      I Roomba'd and gave over the rest of it to the boys
    • Jacuzzi Room - Iron
      Yes, I redefined this task
  • Make Muffins for Chess Snack
  • Take Tigger to bank to cash his checks; cash my Paycheck
  • Work tonight
    er, I'm on my way out the door, at least.

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Good luck.


Joel. Similarly affected with Listiasis.

Thanks. I do so much better with very clear goals, laid out in bite-sized steps.


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