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A nice long weekend with my sweetness.

Working backwards...

I just got home from the CKS sub brunch this morning. Sweetness left early, so I walked her to her car for our good bye kiss, and so she could wear my leather jacket to her car. I wore the "top" that Gaucha game me, and crushed velour leggings, and my new purple heels with the fur detail. We got comments from the gay boys hanging out in front of Mia's. One liked the paisley in my top, and another "couldn't get to my hemline for the heels." I preen over fashions kudos from gay guys. :)

We made it to church this time. This week was the beginning of the Easter series, and the first week with three services. We attended the 10am service, which gave us time to come home for Sweetness to pack up her car. We even had time to sit in my car when we got home, while we talked about the service. She has issues with the message, but she'll talk to me about it. It means a lot to me.

Last night we managed to sleep past two out of the four votives burning. An intense night cap of the variety that overwhelms the senses and makes sleep so accessible and deep. Ooh, ooh, and we managed a bath that started out hot! I love the peppermint foot scrub, but I'm not so keen on the sand it leaves in the tub.

This was after going to see The Pacifier with Knight and Ro. It was a great family comedy, with nice eye candy. And a great remedy for an Alexander kind of day.

Some days are just like that. I started out the morning forgetting to tuck my paycheck into my purse, so we skipped the bank stop on the way to the bowling alley. Thunder met us to get some things he left behind on Thursday night, and the three of us enjoyed chatting while Tigger bowled. He started out above average, and then missed his average by only a few on the second game. But then, in the middle of the third game, he started feeling bothered, and his game got crazy-bad. His coach kept telling him how not to bowl, rather than helping him bowl differently, and even set a parent to stand behind him at one point, to force him to start his approach closer. By the end of bowling, Tigger was in tears, his coach was angry at him, and telling him she wouldn't let him play the next week if it continued. To bowl the way he's bowled all season. Hello. By the time we left the alley, I had pulled Tigger from the league, succeeded in NOT physically assaulting the coach, and pretty much melted into tears.

I am so not good at the negative emotions anymore.

It hit me hard for the rest of the day. Tigger was quieted down and just wanting to go home when we left the parking lot (he didn't talk to the coach at all after the game -- he sobbed to me in the entry, and waited for us in the car while I bitched out the coach).

At home, we talked it over with Flar, and then he suggested that I write a letter to the bowling alley, for him to edit. The final result wasn't nearly as whiny as the effort I made.

Sweetness cuddled with me a bit until I was mostly over all the bad mother angst and post emotional exchange exhaustion. Then we went out for the rest of the afternoon's errands: Bank, groceries, post-offce, Wal-Mart and Wendy's. My key remote decided to stop working, I lost my list (after buying the last item on it), had to actually ask where the raisins are, and checked out 2 minutes after the bank closed. Sigh. Then we had to stop back at home mid-errands, because I had the stamps with me, and Flar had stuff to mail.

But Tigger liked the cheer-me-up neon-frosted brownie bites, and Critter was stoked to have more Strawberry Breeze in the house, so things were looking up by the time we headed to Wal-Mart for office and craft supplies, and then swung by Wendy's to fix my Sweetness' ironic craving.

Friday was a whirlwind. I had a goal of waking by 10am, and considering my recent sleep patterns, 11:15 was pretty darn good. We had time to work some on the laundry and call to serenade LaDonna before it was time to get out the house. We got to bank in time to make a loan payment and deposit for Critter on the current business date.

Then we drove to Carnival Shoes. I had a $10 gift certificate, and only planned to buy a pair of athletic shoes for fencing class. But the new spring sandals where right up front, and were adorable! Ankle straps, color, low, round heel! And then Sweetness spotted the purple heels with fur on them. But I wasn't supposed to be spending any money... I spotted the All-Stars style funky boots that were just her, and she found the purple satin boots on her own. The final straw was the 10 minute sale: buy one, get one half-off ladies dress and casual shoes... I found my athletic shoes: Bright red, with laces so yellow that the shoes look orange to me. I can bounce in them. :)

That put us over our schedule, so we headed straight to Sayre for Tigger, and then over to kidnap LaDonna. Our next stop was Michael's. I went in for $2 worth of floss, but there were beads... And then Tigger remembered a couple of school projects. Fortunately, he also remembered fencing class. We headed over to the Y. While Tigger was in class, I got Sweetness and LaDonna to pick out beads for bookmarks.

Then it was time to head home. We returned LaDonna, no ransom required, then headed home, where Flar had fixed his yummy chicken stir-fry. The rest of the evening we spent getting ready to leave the house early the next morning. I made really cute invitation postcards for Tigger's party, and printed out address stickers. Then I stuffed a bunch of bills to drop in the mail. And gathered up what Thunder had left behind the day before.

We finally got to bed, and then of course didn't get enough sleep. :)

Thursday was magical. It started at 4:30 in the morning, with my Sweetness covering my face with tiny kisses. I was too sleepy to even demand that she crawl into bed with me. When morning actually broke, Critter let the dogs in to cover her (sleeping on the couch) with not-so-tiny kisses, and Flar asked her if I knew she was here. :) We "slept in" until around 11. I think we got four phone calls during that time, only one of them a wrong number.

We had time to work on laundry, and then were off to pick up Thunder and Shoes to kidnap them for the afternoon. Shoes sat fine in my built-in carseat, and Tigger crawled over Thunder's lap to sit beside her, when we picked him up at school. In the afternoon, made beef enchiladas for the crowd we'd gathered for dinner, as Raven joined us to pick up Thunder and Shoes.

My Sweetness went to work with me, and patiently waited around for me to work a long night. When we got home, we were both awake enough for some quality bed-time.

Including a very bright happy moment, when...

My Sweetness told me, for the first time, that she loves me.

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