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A snowday


Mind you, it certainly wasn't an impressive showing. Barely a light dusting. But, the roads where a little bit slick, just at school bus route time. So they cancelled school in Jessamine County today. The scream from Tigger when he found out that he had to go to school, but Critter didn't was priceless.

Critter accompanied me to chess club today, and helped me work a Mom Miracle™. When we got there, the chess dad was having serious discipline problems. Loud, running boys, implicit threats of self-inflicted violence (on the part of the chess dad ;). I had not trouble getting their attention. Even with my voice gravely, it's easy to get it to carry in that loud, echo-y chamber. I started by assuring them that I'd had enough sleep not to be cranky. But, that I could come down hard if I needed to. :) There were no boards in evidence, and the instructor was delayed. So I got Critter to start up Chess on his laptop, picked two of the four-board players as team captains, and got them playing team chess with Critter operating the board.

Blessed order.

I joked that children instinctively know that mothers are always more dangerous and unpredictable than fathers. And therefore, do as they're told. :)

I actually beat my average this morning at bowling. For whatever reason (quite possibly time of month), 4.5 hours of sleep was enough to have me fully rested. I bowled a 191 in the middle game, and actually managed to score a point for my team. :)

I promised Flar I'd be to bed by 11:30. Nothing like beating a deadline. :)

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