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Sorting mail and odds and ends does not require great amounts of lung capacity, and can be done in a position to favor a cranky back.

Flar brought his computer downstairs to be companionable while sorting through Brazil pictures. Now that I'm moving to the computer with my sorted piles, he's gone back upstairs. But, while I had him in a companionable mood, I've run through old retail credit accounts with him, and decided which can be closed. He also made me feel somewhat less worried about money by telling me that things should be turning up this summer. If it all comes through, we could actually have all the credit cards paid off before my birthday. It would be cool.

I also told him about my latest paycheck usage. I've been depositing a tenth of my net to use for writing checks of a charitable nature, and $50 from each paycheck to use toward paying off credit cards. The rest, I'm cashing to use for allowance, Christmas savings and spending money.

And now to the Bills, the bills, the bills.

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