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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Ready for spring
It's supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow, but there is no expectation of accumulation. If we can't get a nice solid snow day, with sledding and snowmen, then I'm in favor of bringing on spring!

And yeah, I know that sunflowers don't really bloom till late summer, but I like the sunny colors...

My head cold has moved into my chest, which mostly means a reduction in tissue use, and sleep frequently interrupted by coughing fits. I stayed in bed almost all day yesterday, after foolishly driving to Louisville for the chess tournament on Saturday. I thought seriously about getting one of the other parents to drive Tigger, but that would have meant missing a change to see my sweetness. So we spent the day at a chess tournament, sneezing on each other. ;)

No work tonight -- I went in to pick up a check for Flar, and when I asked about indexing, Opman told me not to come in. Apparently, all the scanning today has been OCR jobs. There should be something by Wednesday though, and this gives me a chance to catch up on rest.

I'm thinking about taking up fencing. There's an 8-week beginner course starting tomorrow at the Beaumont YMCA...

And now for bills-paying...

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Awwww... cute icon!

Missed you at dinner last night. *Hugs*

Flood had actually managed to whine me out of bed and into the couch, just in time for the other folks to follow Flar home from dinner. So I got a sort of mini-munch last night.

Sorry to have missed seeing you, though.

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