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I'm learning to adapt

I've decided to work on adapting to being alert and awake in the evenings. I still can't plan a regular time for napping, since each day works out differently, but I seem to be able to function on fewer hours of sleep at night, if I take a nap at some point during the day.

I certainly took advantage of not going in to work tonight.

I started out with a goal of having a clean floor in the jacuzzi/laundry room before going to bed. That expanded into getting all the dog bedding (including the cover to the dogs' day bed), work towels, and extra bedding washed. The only remaining dirty laundry now fits in the sorting baskets; I should be able to finish next week with empty baskets.

The clean floor in the jacuzzi/laundry room made me want a clean floor in the kitchen. And the counters were a wreck....

I'm really not up that much later than I would be on a regular work night, especially lately when I've been leaving after 1am. And I've scrubbed down the counters and stove-top, washed all the hand wash (I'm not as good about bugging guests about chores as I am about bugging my own kids), and mopped the floor. The Roomba never did declare the kitchen floor clean; it just ran out of batteries. But it got up enough to make mopping easier.

Tomorrow, I'm sleeping in, then working on the kitchen table, so the entire room will be sparkly. Then I'm going to finish out the grocery list that Critter started for me, and make the Sam's and Kroger runs before he gets home from school. He wants me to take him on various errands after school, and he's willing to come to work with me to reduce my overall driving.

Now to take my meds, drink some wine, and wind down by reading LJ. And maybe chat with my sweetness, if she logs in before I turn in.

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