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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Not quite a holiday
It's been a relatively lazy day.
  • I got my follow-up mammogram magnifications with optimistic results.
  • I picked up a bag of kibble and a case of gooshie food for the dogs. Critter says they're wondering what they did right, to deserve gooshie food two meals in a row. Simply, I hadn't gotten more kibble yet. While I was there, I bought a new squeaky toy for Flood.
  • I got my allergy shot. I forgot to do this last week. I'm trying to get on an "every Monday" schedule.
  • I got the heat fixed. The technician came out twice - first to diagnose the problem, then to replace the fan motor that was broken.
  • I got more laundry folded, and more run through the machines.
  • I got Tigger to clean his computer desk, and sort through some clean laundry.
  • I got Critter to fold and put away some of his clean laundry, recouping some empty baskets for the masses left to process.
  • I sorted through the weekend's papers that I'd ignored while Hippychicx was here, for reading material at work this week, and read today's paper.
  • I organized my side of the kitchen table.
  • I figured out tonight's and tomorrow night's dinners, and gave Flar his choice of which to fix.

I've still got pastry to roll out, to make a cherry pie to go with tonight's dinner, and then I'm off to work.