Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

My day

Today I had all the dogs at the groomer, and both cars in the shops. That should translate to staying home and cleaning, right?

Knight was kind enough to ferry me from shop to home to shop to home, getting the cars to the shops. We did stay home long e nough for breakfast and *some* cleaning, and the plumber came and replaced the outside faucet that had burst. But then the dogs were ready to pick up, and I wanted to find the dog trainers and time the trip.

We picked up the dogs and brought them home, then drove to Wilmore. And back, via Versailles, to see the trip from the Louisville direction, and time that. I should be able to get to the dog trainers in the same time I usually take to get home -- maybe a little faster.

Then we went on a quest for a replacement antenna for my boom box. The original antenna had gotten broken by a pair of blue jeans being thrown down the laundry chute while Morning Edition was playing. Okay, you've really had to experience the morning schoolday routine here to understand that one.

We finally bought the antenna I had rejected yesterday, when I figured out that I could use the original stub, and change equipment at the pivot joint. And bonus -- the new antenna being intended for cordless phones, it wor ks way better than the old one. ;) On the way, Knight and I got to visit some old-fashioned electronics supplies. I showed him mine, and he showed me his. ;)

We picked up Flar's laundry on the way home, and I found out my car will be ready tomorrow. Knight stayed long enough to be able to drop me at my car when it was ready, and then I went home and made Chicken and Dumplings for dinner.

It's really cool. Flyrod's daughter is staying with us this week, to work with the horses next door. Anyway, she just got back from a trip to Spain, and was aching for old-fashioned American food. We'd already worked out the menu for the entire week, but her first night here, she gets homemade Chicken & Dumplings. And refrigerator biscuits. What can be more American? Well, maybe the meatloaf I have planned for Saturday, or the fish sticks for Friday night? And, even though tomorrow's dinner has "Italiano" in the name, it's also got beef, and she's been missing *that* on her trip, too.

Watching Harry Potter during dinner, I almost went to sleep. I remembered that Flar is getting in pretty late, so I decided to lie down for a nap. And woke up with a headache. But it went away without drugs -- in the time it took to sit down and read email and live journal. Woo hoo, my favorite internet activity is therapeutic. ;)

Gonna read Tolkein, and then it'll be time to pick up Flar. Maybe I'll get more done around the house tomorrow.

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