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My fingernails are long enough to be spoons.

That is, in the context of quilting. ;)

I had a lovely weekend with my sweetness.

Thursday, Knight called and woke me up barely early enough to make the timetable I'd planned. He rode with me to Clarksville to pick up Hippychicx, then treated us to lunch at a Chinese restaurant north of Lexington, on the way back to pick Tigger up from Sayre.

Dinner on Thursday was Chili-Mac, which meant Tigger was fixing, and gave me time to work on clearing out my garret, which is where Hippychicx and I slept this weekend. This of course added to the backlog of laundry I've been combatting. The theme for Tigger's mid-winter break, for me at least, is laundry.

Hippychicx came to work with me Thursday night. She napped, then crocheted to Voyager, while I worked till 1am. When we got home, we stayed up even later, while washing a load of bedding for my garret. We used the time well, clearing off the top of the jacuzzi and warming up in there while we waited. :)

Friday, we slept in nice and late, then got up in time to work on laundry, fix lasagne for dinner and snuggle on the couch watching Voyager. Knight and Ro joined us for dinner, and brought Super Troopers for the mealtime movie.

Saturday, we slept in even later, because Flar generously offered (okay, acquiesced) to drive Tigger to bowling. We fixed Jeno's frozen pizzas for lunch, and got all the ingredients prepped for Peanut Butter Stew, then went out for the afternoon to the mall.

Our first stop was the Chinese restaurant from Thursday, where I was relieved to find my errant cell phone. Then we walked the entire Fayette mall, looking for body piercing jewelry and bras. I bought some bright sparklies at Claire's, and found a stellar clearance value on a turtleneck at Lane Bryant. Hippychicx found some sparklies of her own, and then we hit Wal-Mart. Mostly, we were picking up soda for the boys, but that's where we found bras for Hippychicx and some rainbow Supergirl undies to share (Wal-Mart sells lots of their panties in pairs).

The peanut butter stew went together without a hitch and only produced one leftover serving, as Tigger had eaten an alternative dinner before the stew was ready to serve. After dinner, we went over to Knight and Ro's to watch Critter and Playah (I've found a nickname for Gaucha's son) play GTA on the PS2. In the course of the weekend, I think Hippychicx and I totalled four visits to Wal-Mart, where she ended up with six skeins of yarns, and a basket in which to store them. I found a remnant of purple leopard-print velour for less than $4. I intended it for box lining, but decided last night to line Hippychicx's basket for her. So while we watched the boys pick up chicks and crash cars, she crocheted and I sewed.

After we came home, we re-arranged the bedding in my garret (this method succeeded in staying together through the whole night), then took a bubblebath. Hippychicx got to experience first-hand what a tepid bath is like in my jacuzzi. But we found ways to stay warm, and scrubbed each other's feet with peppermint scrub. By then the water heater had recovered enough to add heat to the bath, so we got to relax in hot water after that.

We had intended to fold clothes and watch Voyager, but it was late enough that we had barely enough energy for one episode, and peppermint cream foot massages.

Today, we woke up early enough to make pancakes for the boys, and chocolate-ricotta crepes and Eggs Benedict for ourselves. The hollandaise turned out particularly well this morning. *preen*

Our last trip to Wal-Mart netted some fine prints to fill a couple of really pretty bevelled glass frames, and then we were off to Clarksville. Hippychicx drove, so I could finish stitching the basket lining. I ended up finishing it in her living room, talking to Flyrod and Jas about Texas and whatnot. Then I swung over to a shop that Hippychicx told me about, where I picked out three new pairs of balls for my barbells, and a pair of rainbow glass (plastic?) captured bead rings.

Finally, I met Flar, the boys, Bébé and Scarlet at the Happy Dragon in Lexington for Chinese buffet. Thus beginning and ending my weekend with Chinese food. This time my phone made it home with me. :)

Flar, Critter and Playah are watching Big Trouble. I'm going to start back into tilting at textile windmills, and then settle down to catch up on reading LJ. I've got a hot chat date with a beautiful babe, when she gets off shift. :)

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