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experimenting with sleeping habits

Sunday night, I got to sleep early enough that I felt chipper and alert Monday. So, no nap for me on Monday. Then I worked 6.5 hours, and zombied my way through Tuesday morning. I traded lunch for a before-chess club nap of reasonable duration. I was chipper at chess club, but still somewhat sleepy last night, so no burst of homemaker productivity on my night off. Flar and I watched the pilot for Alf and I turned off my light before midnight. That was apparently enough sleep for me to feel chipper again today, and forgo that nap I'd been planning. I was alert through Bible Study -- a classic time to nod off -- and I'm Still Awake. Which means I'm downing the second half of my current split of Cabernet and blowing off swimming in favor of more sleep before I drive to Clarksville.

I think I shall leave that un-edited as a tribute to my awake-at-an-inappropriate-time state.

In a more coherent fashion:

Valentine's Day was fun. I made six stops to deliver cards, and had help from Hippychicx to deliver my Louisville-area cards on the day-of.

I forgot to bring Spydielives her card to bowling, because Knight drove, and I'd carefully hung her card from my gear shift.

Knight bowled for the first time in weeks, and bowled above average, but we lost all three games. :(

Tigger finished his art project for school. Interested parties may look at the picture here.

J went to school with Critter today.

My mom is having cataract surgery on March 2 and March 9, one eye at a time. She's nervous about it. She says they had to put drops in her eyes six times today, and fill them with water once, as part of the advance information for the surgery. Sounds like the surgery itself will be much more pleasant.

Knight gave me a bouquet of orange roses for Valentine's and a card and a TV series (Crusade), and the BP gave me a free purple rose with fill-up. I got lots of calls and a emails. Flar gave me a card with a teddy bear on it.

The Roomba arrived today, and when I called to inquire, they said I get to keep what I have of the other one for spare parts. The new one came battery-free, but it will still be useful to have spare brushes and bearing and treads. I think iRobot rocks when it comes to customer service.

I'm making slow progress on the backlog of laundry: sorted the latest accumulation of dirty, sorted two loads of clean, and ran another load through. Right now there are a load of whites, colors and clean in baskets for rummaging. And lots more to wash.

I worked another 6 hours tonight. At this rate, I'm going to have two generous paychecks in a row. Woot!

I'm driving to Clarksville tomorrow to get Hippychicx, so methinks I need to find sleep.


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