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weekend recap

working backwards:

Got caught up on LJ.
Watched National Treasure with Flar, Critter and J.
Ate dinner at TGIF.
Bought ALF, season one.
Helped Tigger begin constructing his Biography Art -- I wrote out the Gettysburg Address on the back of an envelope, after putting a coke ring on it, sealing it and opening it, for that "used" look; Critter supplied a hand-me-down penny loafer (the project requires the use of a shoe) and a tiny trowel for writing up some math problems, and pulled up pictures of the Lincoln era White House; Tigger found a box of suitable size to make the White House, pompons and pipe cleaners to make sheep, a toilet paper roll for the top hat; and the three of us worked together to put the carriage way and columns on the South Side of the White House. Left to do tomorrow and Tuesday after school are the papier maché to hold it all together, painting, building the split-rail fence, and adding a pointer to Lincoln's office with a print of his face. Critter also determined that "Hail to the Chief" was already in use, so if we can find the digital voice recorder keychain, we'll add a snippet of that...
Ate lunch with people that Flar met through Rotary, who are hosting a Brazilian exchange student.
Slept in.
Hung out with Ro and Knight, watching Battlestar Galactica and Wickedly Perfect.
Went to Lebif and wife's housewarming, where I saw lots of Louisvillians: I miss getting there more often. I deputized Hippychicx with an Errand Of Great Importance.
Made an extremely gooey batch of regular brownies.
Made a batch of lo-carb brownies, sweetened by Splenda and (the verb form for the function of flour in brownies)-ed by ground almonds.
Mailed off the Roomba part.
Deposited checks in two banks.
"Slept in" - Does it really count as sleeping in, when you catch 5 hours of sleep from 6 to 11am?
Stayed up until 6am. Merely cutting took 4 hours; I have much respect for Sydb's Stamp Club prep work.
Printed pictures at Wal-Mart.
Took the boys to meet Ro and Knight at Chili's for dinner.
Bought Valentine supplies at Wal-Mart.

Which brings me to a reasonable overlap with my latest entry.

Tomorrow: Construct one final valentine as cheesy on-line version to make up for not noticing the day a week ago.

And now, for Flar-time.

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