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And then

We're trying a new technique to get Tigger writing. He really liked the irritating and then sequence from Dude, Where's My Car? so I'm having him write about his day, connecting events with and then.

It seems like a reasonable way t o catch up my journal, since when there's so much to write is just when I have less time to write.

So, the last time I wrote anything of note, the sleep-over was in full swing. It started with me being late coming home from the grocery run that stocked the party, as well as the rest of this week's meals.

And then, I kicked all the kids out of the house to play with super-soakers in the yard. And then, I put away all of the groceries and tucked into the kitchen table, attempting to clear away more of the clutter.

And then, we discovered that the jacuzzi still leaks. Eventually, Matt discovered the leak to be around the housing for the light.

And then, the boys came in soaking wet. I had them towel off, and endeavored to get the damp clothes all into the dryer.

And then, the boys went upstairs for computer games, Playstation and Foozball. Flar and I didn't in terfere with the sound level, as none of it sounded contentious (it seems odd to me that "contentious" contains "content" like one would be made happy by arguing). And then I worked on laundry; folding and putting away the zillions of towels that a household goes through, when said household is housetraining puppies on top of using a jacuzzi on top of dealing with said jacuzzi leaking.

And then I decided that it was reasonable, since I was to be up and available for the boys for hours t o come, to start doing actual clothing laundry. Especially since Flar would need clothes for his business trip to Las Vegas. And then, while the laundry was running, I balanced the checkbook and started putting away the clutter generated by payin g bills the night before.

And then, the boys expressing the first pangs of hunger, we ordered pizza. And then, the hungry hordes (we had a total of 11, including our own - not too intimidating a horde, especially when 4 are pre-teens) desc ended and made quick work of the pizza.

And then, we opened the jacuzzi (Flar had slowed the leak down as best as could be) for the boys. Which generated another dryer-load of boy-things to keep track of. Only one boy ended up leaving a shirt an d a towel -- his dad was in too much of a hurry when he picked him up.

And then, Flar lit off fireworks in the backyard to provide a display for the boys. Parachutes and tanks and bottle rockets and roman candles and fountains and firecrackers and probably other stuff. The fireflies were doing their best to attract the mates that appeared from nowhere and then disappeared forever. I always see more fireflies in our yard when we set off fireworks.

And then, we came in and served cake and put Harry Potter in the DVD player, and served ice cream during the movie. Boys drifted away upstairs slowly, but the intent of quieting down the activity, and allowing sleepiness to take its course, won the day.

And then, the last of th e little ones were abed, in various rooms of the house, before 1am, and the tweens were in one room, being quiet enough not to matter.

And then, I got up at 8am to make sure that small bodies were supplied with fuel for another day. (Yes, at leas t three were already awake before me.) Seven varieties of cereal, oatmeal, eggs - scrambled and omeletted, and french toast were the fare. There was only one complaint about the skim milk (I don't buy more than one thickness of milk), and everyone found *something* they could eat.

And then, I taught an interested subset of the little ones how to play Robo Rally.

And then, I remembered to call my father and wish him a happy father's day.

And then, I escaped the endgame of the pa rty by running two errands, while Flar saw each of the boys safely into their parents hands.

And then, we had a nice lunch of leftover pizza, and let Flar open his father's day cards, which he greatly enjoyed, and his father's day present, which he'll appreciate for many months.

And then, we piled into the car to visit Barbar in the hospital (for testing -- and she's still there, and they still don't know what's wrong). And then we drove Flar to the airport and said goodbye for n ow.

And then, we drove back home and had mac 'n cheese and franks 'n beans and read Bunnicula and The Return of the King.

After the boys fell asleep, I trotted out my Visor and started making lists of all the things to remember for the week before leaving.

Monday was a day of errands. I took Flood to get her stitches out, and the vet said she's healed nicely. And then at home, Critter got his new Visor Edge. And then we set out to: get Flar's car a new back tire, drop off laundry for Flar, deposit checks, drop off mail, dun the bank for the .30 error, pick up a gift card for my nephew's birthday present, pick up a power strip to power Critter's Visor's cradle (which re-charges the Visor), pick up a USB hub for Critter, who now had more USB devices than direct USB ports, buy trays for eating in the family room, go to TR's house for her to work with Tigger on his reading/writing, pick up Flar's car and head home. We ate beefy mac for dinner, watched movies, and then made King Ranch Chicken (KRC) for tonight's dinner. And then we read Tolkein.

Today was bowling. I woke Critter before I left, to take care of the dogs. I wrote a list of things for them to clean with the pressure washer, and then I went to bowl. There was only me to bowl for my team today, but fortunately, the opposing team had mercy and bowled well under their averages. My team took 4 points today. And I bowled 197 in the third game.

And then I set out for more errands: Sam's, Cingular, the allergist, and CVS.

And then I came home for lunch and then I caught up on email and live journal, and then somehow it was almost time to leave for bowling again. I put the KRC in the oven, and instructed Critter on when to take it out.

And then I packed up more water, changed into my Scooby Game shirt, and then I set out to pick up Knight. We stopped by Radio Shack to look for a replacement antenna for my boom box (gonna have to look up model numbers and try online), and then we bowled. We took 3 out of 4 points tonight, and I bowled over average every single game. But that was easy, because last week I lowered my average a good 7 points.

And then I stopped at Wal-Mart (yes, again - and I still forgot one of the items I was going to shop for, being distracted by a new-to-me style of warm-weather shirt), and then I went home and read email and read live journal and put away the rest of dinner. And then I re ad Tolkein to the boys until they snored (at which point I back up one page), and then I sat down to write.

And now to edit. I think that and then may lead to dry narrative.

Tomorrow, more errands, more at-home time.

And now to sleep.

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