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Good stick, biscuit

I had just decided that the third chess tournament in a row was good justification for turning in early, when I found out that Tigger has no clean khaki pants. So, doing laundry. There's plenty to sort and fold while I shepherd one load through the dryer. And heck, I might as run two tonight, since I can leave the second load in the dryer when I turn in.

Anyway, just removed the blue badge of honor. My phlebotomist got me with one stick, and one adjustment today. If I'd thought to remove the pressure bandage earlier, I probably wouldn't have the tiny bruise colored crease mark where the top edge was. Otherwise, a nice clean mark. And woot, the donation only took 8 minutes to drain today!

They're trying to talk me into pheresis. It can take up to two hours, but the needles are smaller. I'm just not sure I could take the queasiness for that long. I don't get dizzy or go into shock when I give blood, but I do get pit-of-the-stomach, elevator-dropping, queasy. As soon as I sit in the damn couch, so it has nothing whatsoever to do with the needle.

They had sugar-free cookies in the lounge. So I had two. Then I broke down and took a package of swiss rolls, anyway. I've a long tradition of eating "forbidden" foods after I donate.

Summing up today:
  • I dropped off brownies for Teacher Appreciation Week (the ones with real sugar and white flour -- they were yummy)
  • I donated a pint of A+ (CMV negative, go me)
  • I dropped off my allergy serum with my PCP and made an appointment for Monday (the doctor has to see me the first time, and then any nurse can stick me)
  • I stocked up on groceries -- staples, and ingredients for Sweet and Sour Ham Balls, Pineapple Meatloaf and Enchiladas
  • I picked up my paycheck
  • I picked up Tigger
  • I cashed my paycheck
  • I put away the groceries
  • I settled into a big nonproductive LJ-reading lump
  • We had leftovers for dinner, and Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper

After I retrieve the khakis from the dryer and transfer clothes from the washer, I'm turning in.

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