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Needs more work
The Baker's One Bowl Brownies did not directly translate to South Beach by a mere substitution of Splenda and Whole Wheat Flour. Oh well.

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Substance-wise, did it turn out okay?

not really so great. Bad texture. Sweeter after-taste than eating-taste. Gonna hafta look for a tried and true recipe - seems this one won't directly translate.

I always think it's a bad idea to mess with brownies, or most sweets in general. I can see trying to use Splenda, but wheat flour in brownies? Eww. You'd probably be better off using white flour and maybe adding in a small amount of oatmeal or something. Or heck, just skip the brownies and make oatmeal raisin cookies!

I'll be even more successful if I stop experimenting myself and use already tested recipes... I should buy the Splenda cookbook.

That sounds like an excellent idea - no sense in reinventing the wheel, eh? And if you need a taste tester for any of *those* recipes, just lemme know. ;)

I'll be glad for the help. :)

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