Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

old habits

back when I used to watch TV, I often treated a show as if I'd watched it, if I'd merely recorded it, and it was in my to-watch queue.

Nowadays, when I don't have time to read LJ, I sit down and open a tabset to the last time I was caught up, and minimize the sucker for later.

The last 5 days in 5 minutes:

Saturday: Middletown chess tournament (no trophies; Tigger won 3 games), picked up Hippychicx, dropped off gift for Camel (Sydb says he liked it), made sausage gravy for dinner (it can be done with whole wheat flour - nifty!), watched Man of La Mancha with Hippychicx while snuggling on the couch, then snuggled more actively in bed. Slurped heaping gobs of energy, contented cat'kin, some mutual grumping about coincidental timing.

Sunday: Church was about forgiveness, so later in the day I ended up discovering lost of forgiveness I haven't properly done; praying about this. Returned Hippychicx, shopped for Critter, ineptly calmed Critter over the chaos that is the kitchen, made freezer food dinner for Critter, Ro, Knight and myself, and King Ranch Chicken on special Knight request, watched Thunderbirds.

Monday: Drove Tigger to school, came home and slept 'til noon. Cleaned the countertops and half the hand-wash dishes, calmed the table, which is now holding at a dull roar. Delivered jackets for Erosul. Picked up my BSF lesson. Worked 9 hours cause I didn't have sleepyness telling me when reasonable people quit. Talked to Z. Need a nick for him. I haven't spoken with him for more than a year, and I was stunned at the depth of emotion that boiled up in even a shallow rendition of the last year. Z. asks quiet questions, and the result is always me digging very deep for answers. Should oughter talk to him more often. Ended up getting half an hour of sleep because I wasn't sleepy when I got home.

Tuesday: Drove Tigger to school, picked up Knight and LaDonna, bowled over average and split with a strong team, dropped off an invoice for Erosul, deposited a check for Woodstream, napped til chess club, made Chicken n Dumplings with (not enough) biscuits leftover from Saturday, started helping Tigger clean his room, finished washing dishes in the kitchen.

Wednesday: Drove Tigger to school, Deposited a check from Woodstream, ate a fast food breakfast, did (part of) my BSF lesson in the car before service started, and prayed for alertedness. This week's lesson included the story of Eutychus, and I managed not to fall asleep, go me. Met Ro and Knight at their house to go to the funeral together, then shared lunch and Harold and Kumar go to White Castle with them. Then I picked Tigger up from Grace's, had leftover King Ranch for dinner, and worked 4.5 hours.

No nap today, so I should be able to get to sleep at a reasonable time.

I'm setting my alarm a half hour earlier, and bringing my BSF lesson to bed to read in the morning when I wake up.

I'm thinking about starting a prayer notebook, but I've no clear vision in my head of how I would organize it. Thinking of talking to Mom about it, since she used to do this; don't know if she does anymore. Half the time these days, I fall asleep in prayer, or my bedtime prayers go something like "God, please clear my thoughts and tell me what I'm praying about..." glurg.

Worship. Spirituality. Sexuality. They're very much intertwined for me, and slurping energy from Hippychicx this weekend helped me renew my awareness of my spirituality and refresh my worship.

On my to-do list, is to run a concordance scan for verses about forgiveness, to try to do some focussed reading and listen for what God has to say about me forgiving others. A simple how-to would be nice, but I might at least read the right examples to turn on a lightbulb or something.

Bed now. Much to do tomorrow. If I can avoid napping in the morning, and get the bulk of my to-do list done, I can nap before work.

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