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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Thirty cents.
My statement was off by .30. I tracked it down.

Now I plan to go to the bank of Monday to get it back. One of my checks was coded improperly, so .40 was entered as .70.

Thirty cents isn't worth bothering about? Maybe, but it's *my* thirty cents, not the banks, darnit. ;)

I am caught up on bills. Huzzah!

The sleepover is in full swing. Six pizzas decimated -- the leftovers barely make more than one, together.

And now for some par-boiled third graders....

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Hey - you can almost buy a postage stamp with that 30 cents. ;)

You and Sydb are just too cute sometimes. Me, if I'm within a dollar or two, I'm happy!

Oh - and I believe you have some romance novels from Sydb for me? Can I get those Tuesday maybe? Thanks much!

Yes, we brought them to the movie, but they didn't get from the car to you. Sorry about that -- hey, we were inches away from them, when I was showing you what I bought for Roo.


Busy today? We're dropping off Flar for a 4:45 flight and planning to be home the rest of the evening...

Oh sure, rub it in that you *found* your .30 discrepency. ;) Mine was the opposite though...the bank was saying that I had .20 more than I thought I did. And, I'm going to start running the "balance" feature everytime I update Money so hopefully I'll be able to find and correct problems more easily.

(a) It was easy, because balancing the checkbook is something I *like* doing, so I only had to just recheck this one statement. If it were three months back, I'd be lost -- have I ever shown you the various caches of "needs to be filed" stashed all over the house?

(b) I found a discrepancy in the bank's favor one time. It was a small amount that I've forgotten, same mechanism, though -- the check was coded wrong. They wouldn't correct it. Said it would cost too much to correct the check amount in the electronic money system (ie, change the coding where it eventually landed), and told me to keep the difference. I think it was less than a dollar.

So, if I find that variety of error in their favor again, under a dollar, I'll put an adjustment in the register and forget about it.

(c) Once a check was recoded incorrectly for a significant amount, in the tens or twenties place. It was a payment to a credit card company. My returned check (my bank still returns the originals) showed the error. Which explained why my cc statement showed the wrong payment amount. I got that one straightened out over the phone. I called the cc company, they called the bank, the bank called me. The difference in money didn't get taken out of my account for three months.

Which would explain why they wouldn't do it for a less-than-a-dollar amount. ;)

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