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Back break

My lower back hurts. Cramping is starting to set in from natural causes, but it doesn't help to stand and fold clothes. So, a computer break.

I've got the bedroom all picked up.

Okay, so 300 thread count sheets have an unexpected benefit: I spilled about 8 ounces of melted wine cooler all across the bed the night before last. We sopped it up at once with towels, and I slept on a towel over the worst of it. Last night, I was too lazy to worry about it when I got home from work. Today, I thought I'd have to put new sheets on the bed.

There is NO SIGN of any wine. It was lambrusco and diet sprite. It should have left a dark red stain. Nothing. I think the high thread count kept the liquid on the surface of the sheet long enough to be soaked into the towels, instead. Cool beans.

Critter helped me re-make the bed all tight and tucked. mmmm. fresh, crisp, sheets.

Likewise, the bathroom.

It helps not to be distracted by stopping to actually clean anything. And that it was clean a week ago. Anyway, I got it cleaned back up, and hauled all the laundry to the laundry room and got it sorted into baskets.

Now, I've got tons of clean clothes to fold and put away, and everything lose from my car that the cleaners sacked up, for me to sort through and decide what to keep in the car, what to keep in the house, and what to toss. Then the jacuzzi room will be clean. Ooh, and I'll feel better if I actually *wrap* the present I'm delivering tomorrow.

It's late enough that I'm going to be satisfied with washing dishes but ignoring the kitchen table.

And I guess the family room is a loss. Oh well.

Especially since Flar wants me to update Quicken every three days while he's gone. He says we'll run close on money, so I'm to monitor that. And use the equity line to compensate if necessary.

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