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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Temporary Single Mom again, starting when Flar leaves tomorrow for Brazil. And he's taking the camera with him, so he'll come home with lots of fuzzy pictures of Carnivale, because he still hasn't learned how to use it properly. Sigh.

Short hours at work tonight; my cold appears to kick in at just about midnight, so I'm taking a wine cooler to bed with me.

I bought batteries for Flar's book light, but the problem appears to be a bad solder. Since Bébé has precise enough tools, I'll see if he can fix it. Flar is also on the lookout for replacement while he is gone, since they were quite cheap at the gift shop in Brazil.

He has already read Sahara, so it's next in my queue after Lost in a Good Book.


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Well, Saturday is almost here. Smile!

Since your cold seems to just kick in around bedtime, is there any chance that either your pillows need a good beating/washing, or some air filters need cleaning out or something like that? Like, could it be more allergy related than a cold, per se?

(1) I'm calling it a cold because my mucus isn't clear.
(2) By "kicks in at bedtime" I mean it kicks in when it's time for me to head to bed.

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