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My cold seems to only affect me at night (sore throat) and in the morning (sniffles, instead of the usual sneezes).

Tigger is going well on his meds, which don't make him sleepy, so he'll be able to take the cough syrup if he needs to when he's back in class. Monday.

Today I ran around a lot, and got things done:
  • Picked up Chipotle for lunch
  • Picked up a check for Erosul
  • Picked up homework for Tigger
  • Deposited the Erosul check
  • Gave a check to Bébé and showed him my new hair cut, which he says makes my hair look longer.
  • Shopped at Sam's
  • Got my allergy shot, paid off my allergist for the remaining 2004 balance, and got a new vial of shots with instructions for my PCP
  • Shopped at CVS
  • Traded a paperbook for Sahara
  • Picked up Flar's laundry
  • Picked up Critter's Report Card Reward dinner: Pizza from Pizza Hut

Tomorrow I need to pick up kibble and animal-safe anti-ice pellets from Incredipet, and I can keep the allergy shots until I go to my PCP next week to start shots.

Flar is leaving tomorrow afternoon.

Friday, I'm planning a pajama day. I don't have to go out for any reason, so I shall clean house, do laundry, and maybe even finish Tigger's sweater. Then Saturday, we leave early in the morning to get to a chess tournament in the Louisville area.

And I get to see Hippychicx!

And drop off a present for Camel. I used to be vaguely unsettled by porch dropoffs, now I'm grateful for the insulating value. Maybe by 2006, when they're likely to attend the PWP, I'll be able to face casual contact. Wimp.

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