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Errand Day

Tigger's reacting well to his medicine. He feels a little better today, but he doesn't think he will feel like going to school tomorrow. Which gives him the weekend before coming back to school. He should really be okay by Saturday for the chess tournament.

I've got a cold. Last night it was making my throat hurt, but I'm fine this morning, except for sniffles. I slept in rather than go to bible study though. Twice in a row. But Berry is picking up my lesson for me, so I can be all prepared for next week.

Now that I'm up and have fed Tigger, I'm going to shower and then run errands:
  • Pick up & deposit a check for Erosul
  • Pick up Tigger's homework
  • Shop at Sam's
  • Get my allergy shot, and arrange to have them at my family practice office in the future
  • Pick up some stuff at CVS for Flar (that I forgot yesterday)
  • Trade in a duplicate paperback that Flar bought for Sahara
  • Pick up Flar's laundry that he forgot to pick up on Saturday

Good thing I decided to list these out -- I'd have forgotten some of them.

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