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Report Cards

I forgot to mention. The boys brought home their report cards last week.

Sayre School doesn't give letter grades in 4th grade, but Tigger has improved all across the board from the first term. His teacher even described him as an "avid reader." Beaming Mom.

East Jessamine doesn't give written reports, but the letter grades are enough to be happy about. Critter got straight A's; specifically 2 A- and 3 A+ grades. And they cleared up the incorrect grade in science for the first term, where the teacher had forgotten to record one of his assignment grades, bringing that to the correct A-.

Part one of the reward:

Baby Back Ribs from Chili's for Tigger, tonight. Southwestern Eggrolls for me and a Burger for Critter; Flar made himself fish.

Part two of the reward:

Stuffed Crust Pizza from Pizza Hut for Critter, tomorrow night. Thin crust for the rest of us, most likely, since Flar and I are eating lightly enough to share a pizza with Tigger.

It's easy when the boys have favorite cheap restaurant food. :)
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