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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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quick update
bowling was there. I wasn't expecting much of myself, as I was in a mood last night that was more conductive to laying in bed quietly leaking saline, then sleeping. Eventually used to concept of energy to calm my breathing and sleep, somewhat endorphined, even. If I pulled anything from anyone unwilling, and it wasn't just a way of psyching myself into even breathing, my apologies, and thank you.

There. Spoken like a true, Christian, newage-cynic aesthete. And it does NOT help that my current short story protagonist is a succubus. Sigh.

Tigger is sick. Taking him to the doctor now; it's manifesting as a raging sore throat and cough. He stayed home and slept (with Matt in the house, incidentally), while I was bowling, and has had Chicken flavored Ramen for lunch.

Occupied myself meantime by depositing a large-enough-to-last-til-after-Carnivale check, printing checks, stuffing and stamping bills, and designing a bill paying icon. Not done with that yet. I'm pretty sure I can figure out how to map this stamp onto the ribbon after vectorizing the ribbon, but I may have to read up on some of the finer points of Canvas. Otherwise, I'm going with a stuck-on-the tongue stamp and dumping the ribbon.

Need more art. I didn't intend to get anything for Camel for his birthday, but something cried out to me. Which requires an additional step, this evening, which took me to Wal-Mart. I came home with a can of Polycrylic, a new paintbrush, 400 grit paper, a 66¢ remnant and an idea with that will have to wait until after Flar skips town, as I shall need the jacuzzi top for its execution.

I suppose I should heads up Sydb on the whole dropping off a present thingie.

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Do you have a copy of the poly parrot - the one who is composed of the word? Nez's tshirt died, and I wanted to replace it somehow, if at all possible. Thanks!

Especially since you're so good at art :)

I have a version of the poly parrot that I have indefinite permission to reproduce -- the one that she designed with the PWP built into it.

Thank you for saying that I am good at art. In this particular case, the art in question was purchased at fairs in Brazil, though.

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