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The bills, the bills, the bills
Too pooped to do more creative damage to Mr. Poe.

I spent all day catching up on bills. I had it down to a simple system. Then Flar got involved with a grand scheme to pay off credit card debt. I'm in -- except it means him being creative about turning on and off auto pays, etc. Then, worse yet, I became dependent on him being more current with me on bills -- he was reminding me when something was coming due, if I hadn't had time to look at paperwork due to other bits.

Add on top of that Three Trips all in a Row (and now my sleep-deprived brain has images of gardens dancing), and

worst of all, Flar's offer to take care of bills while I was gone to Key West, rather than me cleaning up my act before I left.


I have figured it *all* out, including all the weird bits Flar's been up to, and I've created a new account for the new equity line, and I've created a separate account on CheckFree, as it was the fastest way to pay (on time, woot!) some bills coming due.

As I write this, the printer is chugging out a new report on the checkbook register (plus a handy screen print of the "Checks to Print" check selection window).

The earlier work I finished today leaves me free to consult with Flar tomorrow about an exact plan for paying the rest.

He made mention of a huge check to deposit tomorrow. Twould help.

I'm glad Knight's driving to bowling.

Wow, I'm even too tired to go off on a tangent and create a raccoon drowning in paperwork. Another day, maybe.


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