Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

A Day

Not done. Okay, so the bills are sorted into piles on the kitchen table, relevant receipts have been pulled and set by the keyboard, but there's this box that got filled before the PWP, and I haven't pulled it out yet. Gotta pull it out to get to stuff necessary to complete the job.

So tomorrow. Finish bills, really. Including updating that spreadsheet I was using to keep up with my spending money and not overuse my credit card. So I can order that PRAM battery for my laptop. THEN make out a grocery list that is cognizant of the impending sleepover and execute it. (Hopefully incorporating -- and maybe organizing coupons.)

Long day to do it in. Gotta get Critter to Aviation Camp by 7am, and he won't be back until 5:45pm. The Scooby Movie is at 7:30pm. I'm hoping to go full blazes from the time I get back from chauffeur duty until I have it all done, then collapse and nap until the movie, leaving Flar to handle the afternoon pickup.

Date night. Heh. Picked up Popeye's on the way home from errands. This week the spicy actually was. But the all-dark still included breasts and wings. Maybe they can't do all-dark, and just failed to mention it?

Then made a snap decision on movie -- so snap that I forgot that the Herald Leader is lumping Reel Deal movies into the Discount movies in alphabetical order, rather than separating by theatre. We dashed off to the Carmike to *not* watch Changing Lanes which is playing at the Reel Deal. Sigh. Picked up the Scooby tickets at the Regal and went to Knight's to watch Wolf Lake.

And woo hoo! According to UPN's website, there's a new episode airing next week.

Got home horribly late, but remembered to mail the visa application for Critter to go to Brazil.

Bed now.


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