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Quick weightloss update

That is one pound less than my goal-progress has for this week. yay.

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I was just wondering how you made your layout. Whats it called and where can I get it?


- xx Lisa


I'm using S2 with a Layout of Component, and a theme of Orange Soda. The picture I use for the background tiling is from apod (Astronomical Picture of the Day).

I think everything else is pretty straight forward in the customization screens.

aww..thanks :D

How do you change the titles of the components? (eg. you have 'Who's Who (a work in progress)')

Once you've selected your layout and theme, you customize it. I can't remember setting it up, but now I've got it set up, I click on "Edit Customizations" when I'm looking at the "Customize Journal" page. Once there, the titles for the various components are in the Text tab.

OOh, cool, I get a gold star. :) Thanks!

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