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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Still sick; up and around, though
This is a vile, icky, weird being sick. No temperature, no more throwing up. Just an enormous lassitude and uncomfortable tummy. Oh, and shortness of breath, that's kind of affecting my talking. Maybe some bloating; hard to tell. This was my week to make soups and stews for the cold weather; I've had peanut butter stew twice today (each a small helping), so maybe the chicken will be good for me.

Flar's coming home late tonight. He had a meeting in Louisville, to be followed up by dinner there. I let the boys order pizza, as long as they paid for it, and then got them to help me with the house. (1) A cleaner house will make me feel better. (2) We're having a poly munch here tomorrow night, and it'd be nice to have things a bit spiffier.

The boys have helped me make up for being a total slacker this morning and yesterday. We've got the master bedroom and bathroom all picked up, except for the [sorted] laundry on the floor of the bedroom. I'm aiming to get another hour out of them after the current break, then I'll finish up the evening by cleaning the toilets and sink in the master bathroom and guest bathroom. And throw in a load of sweaters, and maybe a load of towels, and maybe wash up the rest of the dishes. Their biggest help has been in limiting how much I have to bend over, since that's currently what makes my tummy complain.

Think I'll sick the Roomba on the bedroom floor, now it's picked up...

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I want a Roomba bad now, just because it sounds like a fun gadget, but really most of my floors are either til with recessed grouting or plush carpet not sure if it would work well in that.

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