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Christmas Goodies

Tummy feels wrenched from last night; coddling it by eating very little. Reading appeals when I feel under the weather; I just finished my Christmas goodies from Cinder, so I thought I'd update my list for the year:

4 Dolly and the Starry Bird, by Dorothy Dunnett
3 Dolly and the Nanny Bird, by Dorothy Dunnett
2 The Eyre Affair: A Thursday Next Novel, by Jasper Fforde
1 Incubus Dreams: An Anita Blake Novel, by Laurel K. Hamilton

The chili is cooking down in the crockpot with the lid off. That's what I'm bringing to work for dinner; I think I'll bring my meds to work so that I've the drive home for digesting them before bed. I think that's all I had right before bed last night...

My tummy rarely ever tortures me this way, so I'm a panicky little wimp when it happens. Sigh.

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