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Just doin my part to uphold the pink collar ghetto rep
Ooh, up too late on a Tuesday. AGAIN. Sigh.

Today in short hand: Bowled, napped, showered, chaperoned chess club, grocery shopped, my "make your own" dinner was cashew/chili [canned with beans] omelet, started a crockpot of chili ["real" with beans] for tomorrow's dinner, washed 60% of the dishes.


Hair [no pic]:
The temperature was up enough by the time I got home from bowling, that I turned off the shower. I napped long enough for the water heater to recover before I showered. I blew my hair dry since it's still damn cold out; Flar likes it. :)

I figured out four meals during chess club, inspired by the cold weather: Chili, Peanut Butter Stew, Orange Beef Stew with Barley, and Hamburger Stroganoff. All south beach friendly. Woot!

I bought distilled water with the groceries and have my fountain running in the kitchen. Tis pretty.

Bed now.

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If you get a chance, could you email me copies of the pics of me being kissed by Seth, and the one of me & Knight on the bench in the Conservatory (the one that I want to make into an icon)? Thanks much! *hug*

I believe that the Picture CD was packed in either Knight's laptop bag or the extra carryon bag, with other CDs. I couldn't find it on the kitchen table in a casual examination.

However, I've just uploaded all the pics from my camera. You can find them here.

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