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I'm a posting fiend
A short emotional update.

I appear to have pulled myself out of feeling ish, for now, by making three new icons. Playing with graphics does indeed cheer me up.

I have not been sleeping "right". I've been staying up far later than is healthy, then sleeping in the next morning. Last night I dozed and read, in my chair in the family room. This morning in the shower I was crying again.

But now I feel pretty on keel. I've got the number for a therapist, and I was going to call on Thursday, then Friday, but each day, I slept all the available calm bits of the day away. I shall be calling on Monday, and in the meantime, see what I can do about putting myself back on some sort of sane sleeping schedule.

So, not particularly sanguine about my emotional state, but for the moment, feeling better.


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