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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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The other goal - cleaning the house
I haven't actually started cleaning in the master bathroom yet. That's to be the first room that I tackle. On the other hand, we'd been out of town and I've been playing catchup. So instead, this week, I got the kitchen bright and shiny, including the table, and caught up on all the laundry. Including delicates. The floors need mopping, but the kitchen and jacuzzi room actually look pretty darn good.

After I treat myself with pudding, I think I shall investigate where to begin in the bathroom....

unless I start a new book.

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"Laurel Hamilton without the sex" at first, I thought eww - but t's just vanilla sex. Different take on supernatural stuff. Haven't read her first two Stolen and Bitten (weres)
Dead witch walking is lamish, but might have potential. sequal this month.
Bad Magic, by someone whose last name starts with a Z is really funny!

Re: Dime Store Magic

Thanks for the recommendations. Right now, I'm working through a largish pile of books that I've already been given or loaned.

I like your new raccoon icons - very cute! :)

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