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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Where'd my alarm clock go?
Okay, so putting the Scotties back in the crate with Flood was all it took for her to sleep quietly until I got up to walk all of them. Just in time for Critter's aviation camp. Which starts at 8:30 this morning and then 7 am tomorrow. Maybe I'll get to sleep in on Saturday. ;)

Thunderstorm moved in yesterday evening, just as I was fixing dinner. I need to get back into the habit of turning the computer off at 5pm. It makes for more family time in the evening.

With the storm outside, it seemed only fitting that the pineapple boats be served with sailed furled, tied up in the marina. ;) I didn't bother with the toothpick masts this time.

Tigger is sick. The doctor prescribed Ceclor, and he's getting plenty of rest in between doses. The goal is to be fever-free before the sleepover on Saturday.

We've gotten back to reading Tolkein before bedtime, and have started The Return of the King. It was kind of nice to read the synopsis of the other two books, but all the human politics is still a bit confusing me, even reading it aloud to the boys. And I swear, it still feels like the white tree just springs into the plot in full wilt in the third book. The copy that we're reading has a beautiful rendering of the fortress city on its cover though. It was fun to refer back to the cover, while reading a description of the city.

Still haven't paid bills. Going to pick up what the boys decided on for Flar for Father's Day on the way back from taking Critter to Aviation camp. Then, gotta buckle down and do paperwork.

After that, I can concentrate on getting the house ready for an invasion of (entering) 3rd and 8th graders.

Tonight's date night with Knight. Gonna pick up tickets to the Scooby Movie for tomorrow.

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I find it harder to absorb a story when I'm reading it aloud. do you find it easier or harder than reading to yourself?

No Scooby Doo movie for us, at least on Friday night. Too much to do for the yard sale. Perhaps we can take our hard earned money to the movie theater on Sat. night though...hope we make enough for two tickets. ;)

Reading aloud - yes, sometimes it just goes in and right back out again. When I'm getting sleepy, it's especially bad.

We're making an effort to get the whole Scooby Gang (my bowling team) together for the showing tomorrow night. And Flar will be bringing Cody, if she's not working. So it's gonna be a bunch of us. Knight, Ro, L., Me, Flar, Cody & three kids.∞

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