Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

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Busy or sleeping

I don't seem to have a happy medium.

Wednesday I was running all day. First to Bible Study, then lunch with Berry, then an errand for Flar. At home, I moved the laundry along, kept the kitchen table cleared off, and kept up with email. But not LJ. I finished it off by working 5:49, where I fought sleepiness during one of the longest queues, only to home wide awake. Sigh.

Instead of getting up bright and early this morning and finishing up the backlog of laundry, I slept until after noon. Fixed lunch, read the paper, moved the laundry one step and started to sort and fold clean clothes.

Continuing that, then going to work again. After I take a break to read LJ.
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