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A terrifically, honestly, no kidding, very good day

It's late, so I shall sum up.

I woke up. I mean all the way awake, even though I was up past 2 last night (on no caffeine), and got up and fixed perfect pancakes for the boys. In my nice clean kitchen. Which is still clean.

I read the paper and had a healthy South Beach breakfast (quiche cups to go with V-8) before it was time to leave for bowling.

I passed a nasty looking wreck on the way the to Knight's, that had absolutely no impact on the traffic. Looked like one crunched up car holding one bruised, but belted occupant. Will have to investigate in tomorrow's paper.

With lots and lots of help from Knight, and little fight from our opponents, we took all four points today in bowling.

I found all the rest of this week's groceries but the elusive pea pods and fresh basil at my second Kroger trip.

I made two yummy Salads, with meat on them, for lunch, and remade the bed, whose sheets are being stubborn this round.

I got all the dirty laundry sorted into piles, and completely out of traffic patterns, and ran three loads, although I wasn't really home per se.

I saw a hawk during chess club. It was up in a tree by the buttery, eating a smaller bird.

I got the rest of the supplies that were part of Sam's list shopping, except for the mozzarella sticks, which were either hiding or out of stock.

I talked to Berry (who tracked me down, even though I'd left my phone, turned off, at home all day) about getting together tomorrow after Bible study.

I directed the boys into making steak and creamed cauliflower and steamed broccoli for dinner. Yummy, all, though I had to "season to taste" the cauliflower, since it never tastes like mashed potatoes to Critter. Tigger handled the steak and broccoli while Critter cooked the cauliflower and fed the dogs.

I cleared off the jacuzzi, corrected the chemicals, and used the Roomba to vacuum; now I can add the jacuzzi room to the list of rooms are that shallow-clean. (Deep cleaning involves the eradication of clutter, and I haven't gotten to that yet.)

All my virtuous accomplishments were worthy of a date-night with Knight. Okay, technically the date was won merely by the act of clearing off the jacuzzi for Flar, whose other foot is now sore, from favoring his sore foot for too long.

I got to see a movie with an incredibly cute attack pomeranian.

And now I get to surf over to Levenger's and consider how to use my gift certificate, then crawl into bed and snuggle up to Flar.

Some days are just like that.

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