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Getting back into a routine

Not only am I awake, I haven't drunk any caffeine today...

I haven't actually located my bathing suit since we returned from Brazil. I'm hoping to be back in the pool by next week, though.

Today, I took the dogs to the groomer for a bath and brush out. It's less expensive than a full grooming (bonus), and this way the scotties have their full coats when winter comes back.

This morning I cleaned the kitchen. The counters, sinks and table are all nice and clean. The mail (excepting today's delivery) is sorted and opened, with "bills to post" in the appropriate file folder awaiting processing, and a few more Christmas cards found and put in my "fun reading/writing" bag.

After lunch, Ro and I went shopping. Brody and Sis gave me $50 to spend on something indulgent for myself. We went to Bombay, but none of the jewelry boxes were quite what I had in mind. We wandered the mall, looking at jewelry boxes in Sears, Pennys and Kirkland's, then it it was time to leave to pick up Tigger.

Tigger wanted to go shopping today, too. So before we picked up groceries, I took him to Wal-Mart and Michael's. By the time we were done at Kroger's, it was 7pm. I got to work a little before 8 tonight, but the queues were light, and I got home early enough to make quiche for breakfast tomorrow.

So, putting the house back in order, the fridge is stocked with produce to get back into dieting, and I've even done my bible study for this week.

Tomorrow: bowling, Sam's Club and laundry.

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