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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Back Home in Kentucky
Mom and I got home at 5:15am Wednesday morning after waiting more than an extra four hours for Critter's train to arrive. Mom was driving, and preferred waiting over going home and coming back.

Tonight, Flar, Critter, Tigger and I got back to Louisville within 15 minutes of our scheduled arrival time.

I had a Christmas present waiting for me when I got home - Thank you, Cinder!

Two out of print Dolly and ___Bird books, and a nifty set of nested boxes with a devil ducky inside. :)

On the plane, I answered all the Christmas cards that came before we left. Sometime during the next week, I'll get to the rest.

Tomorrow I'll unpack and see what needs to be done to put the house back to ordinary, then finish off some left-over wrapping and knitting for the third Christmas.

Friday morning, I'm bowling with Knight to make up a game, then meeting the rest of the family clan over at Bébé's house at 2pm for our third and final Christmas. We'll stop by Knight and Ro's for midnight kisses on our way home. (Probably much earlier than midnight.)

That leaves Saturday completely unscheduled, so we'll probably see a movie with Knight and Ro. :)

Saturday and Sunday, I start in on my New Year's Resolutions
  1. Get to my goal weight (150) by the end of the year

    My plan is to swim or bowl every day, and stick to South Beach. If I can lose a pound a week, I can make my goal easily. Unless Christmas packed more weight on me than I think it did.

  2. Get the house clean

    I'm going to focus on one room at a time, deep cleaning as well as getting rid of clutter and organizing. I'm letting Flar pick the order, and he chose the Master Bathroom, to start.

Now for sleep.


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So were we going to see the Lemony Snicket movie on Friday, or will that now be on Saturday? I'm curious because araelle_taure is in town from Texas until Sunday, and Martha wants us gals over there sometime on Friday (since I'm off work) to watch the ROTK:EE movie with her (I've not seen the EE version yet, but it's 50 minutes longer than the theatrical release).

Anyway, I told her that I wasn't sure what our (mine and yours) plans were for Friday yet, but that I'd let her know. Thanks! :)

I can't plan anything tomorrow morning, because I'm working tonight, and I still have stuff to get done before we go over to Bébé's house at 2pm. We'll be there until early or late evening, so I wouldn't plan anything after with any set time. But, Knight asked us over for the New Year's Countdown, so we'll call when we're heading over from Bébé's.

I was going to set up bowling for tomorrow morning, but I'll call Knight from work tonight to figure out a good time during the weekend. Once we've done our third gift exchange, I'll feel a bit less stressy about time.

Movies anytime on Saturday or Sunday will no doubt be fine.

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