Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Mostly packed

I went to sleep reading Incubus Dreams. Okay, this thing with Anita and Richard is now quite disturbing to read. Sleep was helping along by placing Belmikey in the role of Micah; comforting. Still managed to dream bizarre dreams of leaving the dogs in school over Christmas break, and being on some official subcommittee.

We went to I-HOP for lunch, and then Mom helped me look for all my stuff to pack. I've got the large duffel-on-wheels that she gave me packed with all the presents, and half of the dirty clothes to hold things in place. My black bag has clean clothes in the outer pockets and dirty clothes in the middle, packed around Tigger's duffel of Christmas clothes. All I have to pack tomorrow is my bathroom stuff. Since we have an afternoon flight, there'll be no rush in morning for showering and packing. :) :)

Flar's taking another nap, and Mom and I are about to watch Sum of all Fears.

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