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Christmas etc

I've been too busy with family to look around at the outside world. I usually pause to make phone calls on Christmas Day, and I didn't even do that this year.

Christmas Day

We slept in, as Ro and Knight were joining us at 10am. The bubble loaf turned out perfectly this year. There was some confusion as to which stockings were for whom, as Mom has no labels on any of the stockings, but I think we all worked out which gifts were for whom.

Before Ro and Knight got here, while Mom was fixing eggs in the kitchen, my brother decided to give out the gifts he'd brought from China. Mind, since he wasn't giving gifts to Ro and Knight, this almost made some convoluted sense. ;) He gave us a beautiful box with an inlay design picturing a phoenix and a dragon, containing chopsticks. He gave Mom and Dad a similar box, a display about the Year of the Rooster, and some beautiful cut velvet scarves. He gave the boys balls with bells inside them. The kind that come in nifty satin boxes.

We opened lots and lots of presents. Mom loved her emeralds. My brother's ring was a tad loose for his pinky, and too tight for any other finger (the ring we sized using Knight's largest finger). Dad seemed to like his omelet pan and Dish certificate. I got lots of traditional gifts, like socks and Almond Roca. Flar's and my main presents were gift certificates to have our recent art purchases framed. Mom also gave me a beautiful black opal and gold bracelet that "doesn't count" (by her lights) because we've been sharing it since she bought it in St. Thomas, but she's decided to give me full custody. :) My challenge: to NOT LOSE an expensive bracelet that can't be worn in the shower or pool.

Third time's a charm, right?

For Christmas dinner, we had ham, turkey, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole (I've perfected a South Beach friendly substitute for "can of cream of mushroom soup."), cranberry fluff, potato salad and garlic bread. I think. I may have forgotten a dish.

After Christmas dinner, Mom and Christopher and Knight and Ro and I went to see The Aviator, while Tigger, Flar and Daddy stayed home. We came home to a clean house - Flar and Daddy cleaned up all the dinner dishes. :)


We slept in. :) :) I got up in time to shower before going to the I-Max theater. Mom, Dad, Critter and Flar watched Fighter Pilot, Project Red Flag while Knight, Ro, Tigger and I watched The Polar Express in 3-D. I thought it was a wonderful movie, with additions to the book that seemed in character for the mood of the book. The symbolism of the silver bell still makes me cry, and I shall continue to wear bells for Christmas.

We ate dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, and then came home to veg out with DVDs. I finished stitching Critter's belt, and then worked on my coin purse, while we watched The Bourne Supremacy, Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger.

Monday -- ooh, that's still today!

This morning, Mom and I took Critter to the train station. He's ridden the train from here to Fort Worth, is spending the night with his friend T, and then coming back on the train tomorrow. The train appeared to be running pretty close to on time, each time he called to let us know what city he was in. :)

After we dropped off Critter, we had breakfast at Cracker Barrel, bought me a film reader at Wal-Mart, returned a Compact Flash card to Costco (since Flar's bought our 1G card, I don't think we need any more CF memory), and bought me a new clock-radio-CD player. We headed out to Hobby Lobby later for a tool around the aisles. Each time we got home, Flar commented that we took less time than he was expecting - but we *mostly* kept to our lists, and bonus, Mom lives close to all four (we also hit Sam's) places. We have now declared Mom is not allowed to shop while I'm still here. ;)

Tonight, we went out to dinner with friends of Mom's. The husband works in a business that makes labels for products. Flar wanted to learn about the business for more understanding for his new venture involving importing cachaca.

In the course of the vacation thus far, I've finished reading 1633, The Reptile Room and The Wide Window. Today I started into Incubus Dreams, and I've still managed (somehow) to be reasonably social.

Daddy's driving to Dripping Springs for a job tomorrow, so he went to bed early, and Mom joined him. I've caught up on LJ, so I'm going to stitch through the rest of Chicago, and then head to bed, for a chapter or two of ID before I sleep.

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